40m 2 El HQ Traps Yagi(Eng)

Projecting this antenna has continued for 1 year. i made our antenna setup. I’ve had excellent results in my tests Yagi only 15kg. The longest wing has a total length of 14m and has a length of 5.5m boom.

As you will see in the article, you can work very well with 166 khz band width. This Bandwidth is calculated based on the lower / upper 1.5 swr values. The construction phase is full of details that need attention, and there is nothing to be done. You should use 1: 1 Balun. Also shunt coil may be required.

As with other projects, this project is my gift to Radio Amateur!
It may be published everywhere, but may not be reproduced commercially.


Band 40m
Gain(dbi) 13,1 / 12,0/ 11,5
 7 Mhz    7.000-7.200
Impedance 50
Element Piece 2
Maximum Element Lenght 13,56m
Boom Lenght 555cm
Band Width <1.5> swr 166 khz 
Weight(kg)  15kg (+/ – )



  • Dimensions. (For 1 wing.);


D: 25 mm

S: 2 mm


D: 20 mm

S: 1,5 mm


D: 16 mm

 S:1,5 mm



S: 1 mm

1 wing dimensions  
40m REF 250cm 62+62cm 130cm 178cm 678
40m DRV 250cm 62+62cm 130cm 159cm 659


  • Necessary Lengths for Cutting (+25cm addet.)


D: 25 mm

S: 2 mm


D: 20 mm

S: 1,5 mm


D: 16 mm

 S:1,5 mm



S: 1 mm

40m REF   500cm  85+60cm 155cm  203cm
40m DRV 250cm+250cm 85+60cm 155cm 185cm
Not; +25 cm Addet. should be cut according to these dimensions.  


  • Other Materials;
  • Clamps;



  • Cuting Lenght List;

The following cutting lengths are calculated to be the least wastage due to the fact that aluminum is sold at a length of 6m.

6063 Code



40X2,5mm BOOM



1 piece (6m)



600cm(Dont cut!)


25 X 2mm  2 Piece (6m) 250cm X 2 Piece

500cm X 1 piece= 10mt

20 X 1,5mm  1 piece (6m) 87+87+87+87+60+60+ 60+60 = 588cm
16 X 1,5mm  

 1 piece (6m)


150+150+150+150= 600cm
12X 1mm  2 piece (6m) 203+203+185+185

= 776cm

6cm Width

8mm Thinkness

LAMA 50cm X 1 piece = 30cm
40 X 40 X 40mm Bracket 30cm X 1 piece = 30cm


  • Driver Element Insulator, Hard Plastic or Fiber ;

According to the pipe. 25 cm in length and as shown in the picture should be left in the middle part of a set of 2.5cm.


  •   TRAPS;

These coils are air spaced. This improves performance. 14 cm Diameter 6mm Aluminum wire will be wrapped in 10 turns. Measure with L / C meter if you have . Must be 11uH.

Traps winding is one of the most critical elements of our Antenna. No error should be made. First of all, to keep the trap constant, 1.5cm width 20cm long plastic on the following photo as shown in the image 8mm diameter and 12 pieces of holes should be prepared. This process will be smoother if done on lathe.

6mm Thickness Aluminizing and outside the plastic coated cable as shown below are wrapped. 10 laps14cm in diameter (11uH). You can use 12cm diameter Waste water PVC Pipe for proper winding. i wrapped it this way. You can develop in different ways.




When the winding of the bobbins is finished, the wrapper should be tightened with plastic pullers.


  • i’m used a glass fiber rod; 30cm Lenght, 16mm thinkness. (Do not hold with bare hands.)

As you can see in the bottom picture, the idle ends of the aluminum forged must be corrected by pounding on the iron and two bolt holes must be opened.

With the two chrome screws, the coil side must be tightened with the hose clamp a second time. This way it will be stronger. At the very end this section will be closed with heat shrinking tubing with the purpose of isolation.



  • Pipe insertion method;

it should be noted in the screwing method. Aluminum pipes are drilled according to proper opening of the element chrome bolt hole opened up, but to go through the head of a screw on the top side of the aluminum supplied complete and tightly tightening. Otherwise it is not possible to make a complete and powerful compression. you need to use washers under the screw and relaxation for chromium to prevent corrosion.

it is necessary to use chrome screws to prevent corrosion. 3.5cm 4mm 24 Pcs, 2cm 4mm 8 Pcs.


      For the reflector L The bracket must be made as shown in the illustration and the holes must be drilled from the appropriate places. The bolts used must be at least 6mm. L Angle 4cm 4mm 30cm length.


  • 1: 1 Balun should be used. You should use balun. Hairpin Match should be parallel with the balun. if you use Balun, you may need to do the Hairpin Match if you don’t have SWR 1: 1 or 1: 0. Also, it is a method of increasing the bandwidth. “8cm diameter and 4-5T.”


  • Suspension of elements to increase Wind Resistance;

 The elements are long and need to be strengthened against the wind due to the coil weight. As you can see below, the support elements must be placed on the Boom and the coil should be hung from the starting points by the rope. The rope to be used must be from the market sold as a parachute rope and kevler rope. Because this rope can remain intact for many years without breaking.

60 cm long 2cmx4cm Box aluminum profile Clamp and 50cm 12mm Aluminum pipe were used to prevent the wings from hanging down.


This antenna has been designed by myself. I have to note that I’m not an engineer. I’ll be very happy if this project will be fulfilling the expectations of fellow Hams. This Project or any other Project of mine can be shared-as long as not being used for commercial purposes.  Sorry for my bad english!


73! TA7OM, Huda.





TA7OM, Huda.



RL3QI – Vladimir Veremeenko


YC1CUU -Ahmad

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13 Responses

  1. TA7OM, Huda dedi ki:

    Aleykumselam. You can use different wire. I just tried Aluminum single core cable. Just pay attention to the uH value of the coil winding.73!

  2. Faisal dedi ki:

    salam alaikum.
    is there alternative for coil’s cable? hard to find it here in my local.
    the aluminium wire that i can find here is the one that usually used in high voltage electrical line, few core in a single cable, not single core in single cable

  3. TA7OM, Huda dedi ki:

    Hi Marcel, many tnx for interest you. the cable used is aluminum electrical wire, the outer surface of which is closed. This material can be found here. 73!

  4. Marcel dedi ki:

    Hi huda,
    tnx for the description of your 40m 2 el yagi.
    Try to build it also. One question were did you buy the alu wire for the coils?

    tnx Marcel

  5. TA7OM, Huda dedi ki:

    Hi, Balun 1:1 balun. You have to make or supply this yourself. Hairpin Match, on the other hand, should be wrapped as described in the article and attached to the Balun entrance.

  6. Colin dedi ki:

    Hi. Are you able to show in more detail the balun and how the coax is attached? I wish to build the yagi but I am not sure about the connection and tuning. I am new to antenna building. Thank you.

  7. TA7OM, Huda dedi ki:

    Hi Antonm,
    The 40m Beam that I designed and still use is quite a performance. I still use it. He survived the big storm twice, but nothing happened. I think this is usually due to the aluminum used. I am using 10-15-20m three band Beam between my projects. there is only 1 meter distance between the two antennas. it does not cause any problems. There is a CDE450 as a rotor. By the way; the Hairpin Match is 8cm dia 3t..

  8. Anton dedi ki:

    Hi Huda,
    Thank you for your very informative website.
    I am planning a 40m band Yagi antenna for my mast additional to my three band antenna (TH3-MK4). It is very similar to your design. Therefore, I have a few questions:
    Do you still use the two element 40m band Yagi antenna?
    Did it already withstand severe winds and storm?
    What is the distance between the three band Yagi and the two element Yagi?
    Can you tell me the construction details of your three turns cooper coil for the Hairpin match?
    Which rotor do you use?
    Thanks a lot,

  9. TA7OM, Huda dedi ki:

    Hi Jose, this yagi can work as Rotary Dipol. i tried this. We have made two as Rotayr dipol and it works beautifully. I wish you healt days. 73! de TA7OM

  10. Jose Martinez dedi ki:

    Merhaba Hudaverdi Gunes
    Web sitenizdeyim (gerçekleşme 40m iki element), size bir soru sormak istiyorum, bana dipolün kendi başına çalışıp çalışamayacağını söyle? Çünkü aralıklarla sınırlıyım.
    Çok güzel bir başarı ve umarım çok fazla QSO yaparsınız.
    Antenleri geçmenin zevkine iyi günler ve yanıtınız için teşekkür ederim.
    73, s ailenize övgü.
    José f5idz
    PS: 80m grubu için aynı başarıyı arıyorum

    Hello Hudaverdi Gunes
    I am on your website (realization beem 40m two elements), I would like to ask you a question, tell me if the dipole can work on its own? Because I am limited in spacing.
    Very nice achievement, and I hope you do a lot of QSO.
    Good day to the pleasure of crossing the antennas, and thank you for your response.
    73, s tributes to your family.
    José f5idz
    PS I’m looking for the same achievement for the 80m band

  11. TA7OM, Huda dedi ki:

    Merhaba tayfun bey. Amatör Lisansınız hayırlı olsun. Eğer yorum bıraktığınız konu daki Yagi Anteni yapmak istiyorsanız yeni başlayan için biraz zor bir işlem olacağı kanısındayım Oldukça fazla tecrübe isteyen ayrıca bir işlemdir. Ayrıca Apartman dairesinde bu tür yagileri kurmak ve kullanmak oldukça zordur. Kule ve Güçlü bir Rotor’a da ihtiyacınız olacak.

  12. TAYFUN KARAÇOT dedi ki:

    selamu aleyküm bende bu işe amatörcülüge yeni başladım bende anten yapmak istiyorum yerim apartman oldugu için direkli bişey yapmayı düşünüyorum yardımcı olabilirmisiniz acaba maliyet nakadar olur mazemeleri nasıl temin edebilirim 73

  13. TAYFUN KARAÇOT dedi ki:

    acaba bende böyle bi anten diregiyle anten yapmak istiyorum nasıl yaparım mazemeleri nerden sipariş edebilirim kendime yapacagım

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